Saint Bernard tour

Visit the St Bernard Hospice and its dogs
Martigny – Sembrancher – Orsières – Col du St-Bernard – Visite de l’Hospice et des chiens du St-Bernard et retour sur Marigny

Leaving from Martigny

Leaving from Martigny, first it’s a relatively easy head up the valley towards Sembrancher and then Orsières. The real climb begins in the Val d’Entremont up to Bourg-St-Pierre and then to the Col du Grand-St-Bernard.
From Martigny to Orsières the slope is gentle and allows you to warm up gently during the first kilometres. Leave Val Ferret on the right to begin the ascent of Val d’Entremont where the real fun begins! The slope gets steeper but remains steady as you cross the villages of Liddes and Bourg-St-Pierre on the road to Italy. There is a panoramic view of Mount Rogneux and Combins among the meadows as you gradually get higher.

Shortly after Bourg-St-Pierre, you go through a few kilometres of galleries before turning onto the road to Col du Grand-St-Bernard. The last kilometres are a difficult ride but are in a uniquely beautiful alpine environment!

The St Bernard dogs spend the summer at the hospice on the Col du Grand-St-Bernard. In July and August visitors to the Col du Grand-St-Bernard can accompany the hospice dogs for a mountain hike offered by the Fondation Barry (1.5 hours).



Duration : 5h05
Distance : 91.63 km
Peeriode : –
Difficultey : Difficult
Gradient : 3982 m (+) / 3982 m (-)
Min altitude : 467 m
Max altitude : 2468 m
Starting point : 7.078749/46.105646
Altitude starting point : 467 m
Arrival point : 7.078366/46.104907
Altitude arrival point : 467 m


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